Echo English is committed to providing children aged 3-12 along with their parents, an English-speaking environment, training, consultation and related services and support. In July 2007, Barbara, a Canadian, built Echo English in Hangzhou China, originally naming the school Jump Start Kids. Barbara envisioned creating a happy and relaxed environment which would enable children to have an exciting opportunity to play, sing, dance and interact closely together with foreign teachers.

In 2008 the name was changed to ‘Echo English’ to better reflect the oral teaching style and give a more recognizable name to the school. In Echo English, each class consists of one foreign and one Chinese teacher with low class size in order to increase student to teacher and student to student interaction time. Our school follows the Comprehensible Input theories of linguistics scholar ‘Stephen D Krashen’ to allow children (from 3-12 years old) to learn just as English speakers learn their mother language, as this is the period of time for children where their brain is at its peak growth rate (Critical Period) and absorbs the second language through a process of sensory stimulation involving TPR and more…

In 2013, Echo English expanded to five different campuses including Binjiang Government campus, Xiaoshan campus, Binjiang Rainbow city campus, Yitian Plaza campus, and Xixi campus. From 2007 to 2017, more than 5000 families have enjoyed an exceptional English learning environment from Echo and we have given our best service to our cherished parents and students.

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